Soup, Starter Parsnip cream soup, beef ham, smoked quail egg 1600 HUF Smoked salmon blini 2300 HUF Main Course Baby spinach risotto, perfect egg, parmesan 2800 HUF Pork fillet, polenta with parmesan, baby corn, marinated radish 3500 HUF Beef bourguignon sufnoodle with kale 3900 HUF Dry aged grey cattle ribeye steak mashed potato, grilled vegetables 5900 HUF Salmos steak, caviar, curried cabbage ragout with celeriac 4500 HUF Dessert White chocolate mousse, plum, poppy seed 1400 HUF



Cheese platter from hungarian cheesemakers, walnut, fruit
2500 HUF
Hummus, marinated vegetables, chili oil
1900 HUF
Foie gras brulée,grape chutney, milk loaf
2400 HUF
Pan fried shrimps, garlic, chili oil
2900 HUF
Classic caesar salad
1900 HUF
Classic caesar salad with chicken breast stripes
2300 HUF


Guinea fowl consommé, tortellini
1700 HUF
Traditional grey cattle goulash soup with home made noodle
1800 HUF

Main Course

Grilled goat cheese, sun dried tomato spaghetti
3000 HUF
Chicken paprikash, spaetzle, fermented radish
3300 HUF
Lamb shoulder with parmesan, colourful lentil „velouté”
3900 HUF
Wild boar saddle „Vadas” style, napkin dumpling, mushrooms
4600 HUF
Pearch fillet „Kárpáthy” style, fondant potato
4300 HUF


Home made chocolate cake® fruit sauce
1400 HUF
Chocolate soufflé ice-cream, almond crumble
1600 HUF
Hungarian cottage cheese dumpling, plum, camomile, sour cream
1700 HUF
8 slices home made chocolate cake (made to order)
4500 HUF
16 slices home made chocolate cake (made to order)
8000 HUF
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