Soup, Starter Asparagus cream soup, poached egg 1500 HUF Smoked trout, asparagus, hollandaise sauce 2100 HUF Main Course Ball zucchini au gratin stuffed with forest mushroom risotto 2900 HUF Pork cheek, marrow velouté with dill, new potato with parsley 3100 HUF Veal stuffed kohlrabi, sour cream foam, mushrooms 3500 HUF Dry aged grey cattle ribeye steak mashed potato, grilled vegetables 5300 HUF Spaghetti aglio oilo with shrimps 3800 HUF Dessert Strawberry – rhubarb cottage cheese mousse 1400 HUF



Cheese platter from hungarian cheesemakers, walnut, fruit
2500 HUF
Transylvanian eggplant cream, salad, toast
1900 HUF
Smoked mangalitsa ham, endive salad, fennel, Bleu d’Auvergne cheese
2300 HUF
Goat cheese salad, millet ball, toasted nuts, grapefruit
2500 HUF
Classic caesar salad
1800 HUF
Classic caesar salad with chicken breast stripes
2200 HUF


Hungarian rooster consommé, home made tortellini
1600 HUF
Traditional grey cattle goulash soup with home made noodle
1700 HUF

Main Course

Green spices corn noodles au gratin with goat cheese
2700 HUF
Hungarian paprika potatoes, grey cattle sausage, pickled vegetables
2600 HUF
Crispy skinned chicken breast steak, grilled vegetables, mashed sweet potato, basil oil
3100 HUF
Pork fillet „Bakony” style, cottage cheese pasta roulade
3300 HUF
Trout fillet from Tapolca, lemon risotto, baby spinach velouté, pak choi
3800 HUF


Home made chocolate cake® fruit sauce
1300 HUF
Hungarian cottage cheese dumpling, sour cream, apple, caramel
1500 HUF
Chestnut mousse, sour cherry ragout, pumpkin seeed sponge
1500 HUF
8 slices home made chocolate cake (made to order)
4500 HUF
16 slices home made chocolate cake (made to order)
8000 HUF
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