Starter, Soup Zucchini roulade stuffed with goat cheese, kapia pepper cream, pine nut, rocket salad 2400 HUF Asparagus cream soup, sous vide egg 1700 HUF Main Course Wild garlic pesto papardelle, sun dried tomato 3000 HUF Crispy skinned chicken breast, carrot variations, fried gnocchi 3500 HUF Beef bourguignon, polenta with parmesan, asparagus 4200 HUF Orata fillet, chervil, asparagus risotto, goat cheese 4200 HUF Dessert Capuccino dessert, toasted nuts 1500 HUF



Foie gras terrine, green apple coulis, lamb’s lettuce
2900 HUF
Aubergine tartar with mascarpone, fresh salad
1900 HUF
Warm mushroom salad goat cheese, bread chips
2500 HUF
Classic Ceasar salad with chicken breast stripes
1900 HUF
Classic Ceasar salad with chicken breast stripes
2300 HUF


Hen soup Újházi style
1700 HUF
Traditional grey cattle goulash soup with home made noodle
1800 HUF

Main Course

Goat cheese risotto, pear, sunflower seed brittle
3100 HUF
Hungarian chicken paprikash, sheep cottage cheese spaetzle, fermented radish
3400 HUF
Crispy skinned sukling pig loin, potato variations
3800 HUF
Lamb shoulder, vegetable gratin, beetroot foam with horseradish, carrot chips
4500 HUF
Salmon steak, cauliflower cream, spring vegetables, Béarnaise sauce
4700 HUF


Home made chocolate cake® seasonal fruit sauce
1400 HUF
Hungarian cottage cheese dumpling, caramel foam, apple with turmeric, sour cream
1600 HUF
Hungarian Somló trifle
1700 HUF
Cheese platter from hungarian cheesemakers, walnut, fruit
2500 HUF
8 slices home made chocolate cake (made to order)
4500 HUF
16 slices home made chocolate cake (made to order)
8000 HUF
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