• Mandragóra

    Mandragora – Mandrake, root for good luck

    Some instances of the root is similar to the human body shape and it has been a symbol of fertility in ancient times. There was a lot of legend and superstition about the root in the middle ages. Among other things it keeps away ghost and it was endowed with magical power. It was considered if you excavate it with observing the strict rules, you will have luck, ascendance, money and love. So the mandrake had the same price as gold.

  • Place

    This restaurant was founded in 2004. We have continously developped during years, always adopting our Guest's needs. At first our palce was operated like a club and we transformed it to a bistro style restaurant step by step whitout loosing the kind and welcoming atmosphere, what makes us very rare in these days. Our goal is if You visit us once, You will partake fascinating hospitality. So next time we can welcome You like a regular guest.

    We believe that hospitality only worth doing with soul!

  • Food

    Our goal is to find and use more and more outstanding local raw material, what we proudly identify in our menu. In this way we found amoung other things gray cattle from Szomor Dezső biodynamic farm, cheese from Tamás Sándor cheese manufacturer, trout from Tapolca. Our short constant menu always follows seasonality. We change it every tree month. We also have weekly offers that makes our menu really diverse.

  • Drink

    The wines from our country are incredible diverse. We make a great effort to get a better under­standing its and also exposte to our guests this wonderful world. Therefore the wines by glass are continuously changed matced with the weekly offers.
    We are passionate about Hungarian palinka. Fortunately these days the number of high-quality distilleries incredibly increasing, it has became very hard to find the best ones. We are currently working with ten palinka distilleries.
    Coffee puts the icing to the cake at the end of the lunch. Due to our coffee bar past we serve coffee higher quality then it is common at restaurants.

  • Event

    Our restaurant is especially suitable for events, because we have separate parts:

    • elegant saloon for 20 persons
    • separate part for 12 persons
    • front part for 45 persons

    We have gained great experience of organising events. Please contact us, we surely realize Your ideas.

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